Industrial and aerospace bearings

Industrial and aerospace bearings

During his manufacturing process, a bearing manufacturer for the aerospace and automotive industry in particular must check the integrity of the contact surfaces of the inner and outer rings of bearings to ensure the complete absence of defects.


These machines allow you to aim for a zero production defect.

We offer automated non-destructive quality control (NDT) machines :

  •  External aspect control on rolling rollers by industrial vision,
  •  Metrological control using industrial vision, probes with and without contact,
  •  Search for internal defects of the rollers and rings using EDDY CURRENT technique,
  •  Assembling control of industrial and aerospace rollers,
  •  Traceability by recognition of characters (OCR/OCV ) on roller ring,

External aspect control on roller bearing by industrial vision

Detection of internal defects by EDDY Current and dimensional control

Characters recognition on rollers (OCR/OCV)

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