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Rovi-Tech, conceptor

The ROVI-TECH family business has more than 20 years of expertise in the development of optical control solutions (2D or 3D cameras, laser, thermography, spectrophotometry, etc.).

We offer the industry international support for the realization and integration of automated inspection solutions for the verification of conformity or quality, as well as for applications such as sorting, metrology, optical reading and appearance verification.

Thanks to our multi-sector expertise, we can offer you tailor-made inspection solutions.


Vision  Expert

We adapt our services to your needs. We offer consulting, auditing, feasibility, prototyping, turn-key vision solutions and specialized automation machines.

ROVI-TECH has built its reputation in the high-tech sector by developing its own neuronal-based vision system, the ILB-25.

ROVI-TECH realizes turn-key solutions for the quality control of your products and for the automation of your processes. They are based on the implementation of different contactless technologies:


  • 2D, monochrome, color, NIR cameras
  • 3D cameras (laser and / or stereovision),
  • Telemetry Lasers,
  • Thermography,
  • X-rays

The strength of ROVI-TECH solutions lies in the fact that the company has the total control of its own vision developments and associated technologies:

  • Neuronal Classification, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning,
  • Learning,
  • Image processing (based on vectorization or thresholds, …),
  • Definition and integration of adapted lighting.

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