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ROVI-TECH designs of machines and control systems, inspection, measurement and sorting to improve industrial performance.

ROVI-TECH, a global offer with a commitment of result.

ROVI-TECH has 25 years of experience in the development of industrial vision control solutions and measuring instruments to propose conformity, metrology, appearance, shape, character reading and code, sorting and/or quality  automated control equipments.  ROVI-TECH has the required skills thanks to a team of experts for industrial vision complemented by computer science, robotics, mechanics and electronics.  We take in charge your project at the international level, from design to integration.


Vision  Expert

Expert in Industrial Vision.
Our services include advice, auditing, feasibility study in our optical laboratory, prototyping, integration of vision solutions on the production line or realization of autonomous special machines.
ROVI-TECH has the complete control of its developments which integrate many techniques:
Camera 1D,
Camera 2D, monochrome, color, NIR,
Camera 3D (laser and /or stereovision),
Laser Telemetry,
Thermographic image processing,
RX image processing.

Neural classification, artificial intelligence, Deep Learning,
Image processing (based on vectorization or thresholds, …),
Study and integration of appropriate lightings.

With its know-how and the technologies of future industry 4.0, ROVI-TECH will follow you step by step to offer you the most adapted solutions in accordance with your needs.



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