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Tailored high-efficiency inspection systems designed to optimally fulfill your requirements

QC-Sam, QC-Max et QC-Data

QC SAM – Inspection de your products trough sampling
QC MAX– Inspection of 100% of Your Production
QC DATA– Real-time Product Quality Display with Automatic Alerts for Quality Deviations.

A tool for continuous improvement of quality and efficiency in production processes.

Each machine category offers a range of models, ensuring an ideal fit for your specific requirements.

Real-Time Quality Control

Automatic Elimination of Defective Products

QC MAX offers instantaneous quality management by seamlessly removing defective products. This system ensures the highest quality of your production through immediate gathering, analysis, and visualization of quality metrics from your production line.
Featuring user-friendly statistical displays and performance indicators, QC MAX QC MAX provides a comprehensive and dynamic view of quality. It allows you to immediately detect and correct any deviations from established quality standards, thus ensuring optimal and reliable production.

Custom-Designed for Your Products

Based on samples evaluated in our Quality Control lab, we offer a comprehensive performance analysis of QC MAX, crafted to suit the specific needs of your product range

Ejection wavec nez retractable

Elimination of defective products

Ensuring Consistent Quality in Your Production Process.

Many industrialists use QC MAX to monitor their production line, combining it with our analysis and reporting software, QC DATA. This method not only allows for predicting and correcting quality deviations but also for reducing waste and improving the profitability of the manufacturing line. Most companies integrate an automatic ejection device into their QC MAX.
The choice of the type of ejector depends on the nature of the product and the specifics of the production line. We work in collaboration with the user to identify the most suitable solution, among which are:

• Air jet ejector,
• Tilting conveyor,
• Retractable nose,
• Robotic unit.

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