Throughout any given project, ROVI-TECH offers the following services:

Research and Development

On your request we search all potential control and inspection solutions for any product or application.

Feasability Study

The specifications of the requests require feasibility studies which are carried out in our optical laboratory, based on the obtained samples. These studies make it possible to define the right solution, equipment and lighting, as well as a budget envelope.  At this stage, you get a reliable solution and budget which avoids any further problems at the start of the production.


If needed, we can produce a prototype for the control equipment, following the feasibility study. This phase allows to validate the principle/method while configuring the station.

Manufacturing of complete machines

After the validation of the feasibility study, we produce the complete set of equipment (control post + mechanical parts). We are able to produce machinery going from an average of  5 K € to 500 K €.

On-site services


On-site Auditing

Thanks to more than 20 years of multi-sectoral experience with vision technology, ROVI-TECH offers you on-side audits to solve this problem, offering you a reliable solution at a minimal cost.

After an on-site audit, we provide you with a technical and economic analysis of the impact of the necessary modifications to the VISION-system, in order to make it operational.

Other Services :

We can offer you an engineer or a technician to help with a specific project, or to help you solve a production or development problem.

Training :

We can organize Industrial Vision training courses, which are adapted to the education level of the participants. Please consult us for any further information.

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