Services & Expertises


Throughout any given project, ROVI-TECH offers the following services:

Audit – Advices

Optimize quality on your production line

Control techniques are constantly evolving.  Do you experience with repeated malfunctions or obsolescent systems?  ROVI-TECH puts at your disposal, the control of inspection technologies and the multi-sector experience of industrial vision applications. We prepare a detailed report of our technical and economic analysis of the impact of the necessary modifications to achieve.


Feasibility Study – Prototypes

An outside look to analyze your production line

Have you identified a specific problem or are you experiencing with new production constraints? Or, you want to increase productivity by maintaining high quality. This will certainly go through a feasibility study to validate the appropriate technical choices to achieve the aims. ROVI-TECH, with its exterior look, has the expertise to carry out your feasibility study and proof of concept through a prototype phase.


On-site services


Conception – Integration – Complete Machines

ROVI-TECH masters all steps of the integration of vision systems for control and measurement.

In the continuity of a feasibility study, we carry out entirely the station or the control machine. We provide solutions in the areas of application such as dimensional control, automated plotting, aspect control, conformity control, identification thanks to the control of specific lighting technologies with 1D, 2D and 3D cameras in laser triangulation or stereo vision , telemetry, infrared thermography, x-rays ….

Maintenance – Assistance – Retrofit – Training

Adaptation, modification, update to maintain a guarantee of performance. We intervene during the life of an installation to integrate or modify functionalities for new products to control, variations of forms and colors for example. Whether the equipment is coming from ROVI-TECH or not, we will bring our best support.





Acquisition & image processing

The image shooting speed, its quality, its stability in an industrial environment require expertise in lighting techniques.

ROVI-TECH masters classical and more advanced techniques with artificial intelligence-based solutions, such as neural networks based on our ILB-25 environment and Deep Learning.  ROVI-TECH uses HALCON from MVTEC Certified Integration Partner

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Data processing

Management of all steps of vision systems, from data logging to software interpretation. The ROVI-TECH ILB-25 environment is accessible and polyvalent to handle multiple applications.

Robotics & Transitic

Industrial robots are an integral part of production processes.

ROVI-TECH can combine industrial vision with robotics to make more flexible and efficient loading/unloading functions, sorting and packaging at the end of control.


We combine our skills with the automation of your production lines.  ROVI-TECH offers solutions built on PC and PLC with communication functions to your PLCs and HMI.

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