In a market in constant evolution, ROVI-TECH family business is for more than 25 years to the tip of the complex solutions of industrial vision.

Extensive knowledge of the traditional areas such as physics, optics, computers, robotics, mechanical engineering, electronics as well as of the research in these same areas as well as in the “deep learning” allows ROVI-TECH to be powerful in the accompaniment of industrialists for their projects of automation.

This experience, the multitude of projects as well as the R&D, allow you to achieve excellence in the areas of control of compliance of assembly, control of aspect, the dimensional control, counting and sorting of parts, the identification and the piloting of machines or robots.

The company also relies on its software ILB-25 created to be a flexible and reliable solution, and a team of experts from multiple areas, audit, Council, engineering, feasibility studies, sizing, design, modeling solutions, prototyping, performance contracts, diagnostics, integration, development software, installation, setting, maintenance, assistance, training.

It follows many customers in sectors of activity as food, automotive, cellulose, paper, cardboard, chemistry, electronics, information technology, infrastructure, transport, machine tools, robotics, pharmaceutical, steel industry, metallurgy, foundry, transformation of metal.

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Machine Construction - Specialized in Conveyor Systems
Mastery and expertise in production machinery, tooling and systems
Industrial Machines
Distributor and integrator of marking and control solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries
Developer of special softwares for vision machines. ROVI-TECH is a certified HALCON partner

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