Some of our references in Industrial Vision

ROVI-TECH has realized multiple achievements of systems of industrial vision and developed many applications in the following areas, such as for example food, automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceutical as well as in other industries.

Some examples of achievements in various areas are presented below.



The automation in the industries is based on the industrial vision to ensure 100 % check of all its components.
Control examples :

  • Verification of printed characters on crowns
  • Control of correct fitting
  • Control of presence/absence and quality of tapped holes
  • Appearance check
  • Dimensional control
  • Identification/Sorting
  • Non-contact 3D measurement of parts
  • 2D Measurement without contact on parts of revolution
  • Appearance and orientation check, sorting and components counting
  • Marking control

Automotive & aeronautics

The automation in the automotive and aeronautics builds on the industrial vision to ensure a 100 % check of all its components.
Control examples :

  • Conformity check of gearings
  • Compliance check of glue bead
  • Quality control of chamfers on gearings
  • Verification of characters printed on rings of roller bearings
  • Checking characters engraved on cylinder heads
  • Control of good mounting
  • Control of presence/absence and quality of threads
  • Aspect control
  • Dimensionnal control
  • Identification /sorting
  • Non-contact 3D measurement of parts
  • 2D measurement without contact of parts of revolution
  • Aspect control and orientation, sorting and components counting
  • Marking control


The labelling, packaging and quality of products and an important speed are the reasons for the use of the industrial vision. More of a break in the chain of production and establishment of criteria more and more demanding. The vision 2D/3D, the analysis of the images, the laser triangulation, automation of vision, allow a greater flexibility and speed in the controls, the identification, the sort.

  • Control of filling on bottling line and check the tightness of the cap
  • Control of conformity of marking on packaging
  • Control of conformity of packaging folding
  • Aspect control
  • Identification /sorting
  • Identification of object through characters reading
  • Calibration and sorting
  • Automatic sorting according to caliber and colour
  • Product integrity control (breakage, surplus, lack, form)
  • Position control of labels

Metallurgy & Steel industry

The sector uses solutions by telemetry, scanner and industrial vision in an environment with high temperatures, fumes and vapors.

  • Quality/conformity control
  • Positioning of panels on a bench of rollers
  • Width, length and thickness measurement of metal plate
  • Profile measurement of cap
  • Orientation and positioning control between parts
  • Presence control of welding
  • Aspect control
  • Control and positioning of a slab
  • Control and measurement of drilling metal plates
  • Identification /sorting
  • Characters reading engraved on a machined part

Pharmaceutic & Cosmetic

This sector uses technologies of industrial vision

  • Control markings, decoration, forms,… The speed of control treatment improves their productivity by keeping a quality and constant shape to their products
  • Aspect and orientation control, sorting and components counting
  • Identification/sorting
  • Reading and identification of parts
  • Identification of object by characters reading
  • Dimensional control
  • 3D measurement without parts contact
  • 2D measurement with contact on revolution parts
  • Presence and marking quality control of printing head
  • Quality control of marking and verification of contain and readibility
  • Control of conformity of pharmaceutical vials contain
  • Control of blisters conformity
  • Control at the outlet of the injection press
  • Dimensional control
  • Syringes control
  • Counting

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