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Vision Integrator


Our activity

The ROVI-TECH family business has more than 20 years of expertise in vision inspection. We develop, implement and integrate machine vision and inspection solutions for the industry.

We have a multi-sectoral expertise and offer customized solutions with our vision system, the ILB 25, which is, thanks to a synergy of classical and neuronal tools, the perfect solution for your inspection applications.

Our services include consulting, auditing, feasibility studies in our laboratory, prototyping, development, implementation and integration of inspection solutions in an industrial environment.

Our technical team ensures that a flawless installation, start-up of our equipment an training of your staff.

Furthermore, we offer you a Hotline for the follow-up of your installation.


Our Highlights

ROVI-TECH has built its reputation in the high-tech sector by developing its own vision system, the ILB 25. The difference with the traditional vision inspection is that the ILB25 not only contains the necessary tools to make analyses, based on the classic thresholds, but also that it has a neural correlator which decides what is good and bad/which discovers on its own what is good and bad.

• Project management from design to system start-up
• The ILB25: a single product for many applications
• Self-teaching: simple, user-friendly and evolutionary
• A vision expertise based on more than 20 years of experience
• Research and development of innovative technical solutions
• Extensive experience in lighting techniques
• vision integrator of Turn-key machines
• Development, implementation and integration of vision solutions on existing lines
• Presence in the international market
• Multi-sectoral experience
• The flexibility of a family business

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