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How does a project work ?

Throughout a project ROVI-TECH provides its clients with the following skills and services:

Research and development

  • We realize, on customer request, engineering studies to help the industry find the most optimal solution to their inspection applications.

Feasibility study :

  • Specific requests require sample based feasibility studies , realized in our optical laboratory. They typically result in the definition of the appropriate technical solution and in the calculation of a system budget price.
  • Thanks to this pre-engineering phase,  the customer knows a reliable solution is available to solve his problem, avoiding any unexpected difficulty at the start of the production.

Prototyping :

  • After the validation of the feasibility study, we complete the complete equipment (control post + mechanical servo-controls). We have capacity for unitary equipment from 5 K € to 500 K € on average.

Realization of complete machines :

  • After validation of the feasibility study, we produce the complete turn-key machine (mechanical contruction and control equipment). We are able to produce machines going from an average of  5 K € to 500 K €.

Installation & on-site start-up :

  • ROVI-TECH realizes the installation, testing and start-up of the delivered equipments.

Training of operators :

  • We train operators who are going to use our equipment.
  • Training cost can be taken care of in the training budget of our clients.
  • Approximatively 2 to 4 hours of training typically required for our equipment.

Start-up assistance :

  • We execute the start-up and commissioning of our equipment and provide all required assistance in the presence of our customers.

Remote Support :

  • We are equipped to assist our customer remotely during the start-up phase, in the event of a breakdown and/or as part of a hotline assistance contract.

Site interventions :

ROVI-TECH offers customized support to best fit customer requirements.

On-site services :

ROVI-TECH offers its customers a range of on-site services and services.

On-Site Audit :

  • You have vision systems which get obsolescent. They are subject to repetitive failures, loose reliability and generate high levels of false reject.
  • ROVI-TECH can realize an audit of your existing inspection system. We put at your disposal our multi-sectoral machine vision technical experience, to study how to upgrade your existing inspection machine.  This approach helps you to gain in inspection efficiency and reliability while minimizing your investment requirement.
  • We can dedicate on-site on a one-time basis an engineer or a technician as technical support for a specific project, development or production problem.
  • We can deliver to our customers engineering support missions to assist them in their projects, to help them solve production related inspection applications or to contribute to the development of innovative inspection solutions.

Training :

  • We can organize trainings in Machine Vision, which are adapter to the training level of the participants. Ask us for more information.
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