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The company ROVI-TECH

Our history …

⇒ 1994

Thanks to its technological skills, ROVI-TECH develops non-contact inspection and control systems in industrial environments.

⇒ 1997

Creation of ROVI-TECHLUX, a sales subsidiary in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Espace WHO WE ARE ?


We are a team of enthusiastic professionals. We use our expertise to find optimal solutions for both simple and complex control applications. The evolution of our technology, the constant improvement of the performance of our inspection systems and a deep understanding of the requirements of our industry sectors, gives ROVI-TECH a leading position as a supplier of control and inspection equipment.


Responsive : because ROVI-TECH is a family business with a human scale.
Original : because we like to offer innovative solutions to your complex and less complex applications.
agoria Visionary: is what we have to be if we want to maintain our position as creative solution provider.
Industrial: because it is our mission to build turn-key inspection equipment.
Technology driven : is what drives our people, to be able to build cutting edge machinery.
Efficient: because each solution we offer is studied and tested in our laboratory before being implemented.
Competitiveness: our strict cost management procedures help us to deliver more value to our customers.
High Tech is our vocation!


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