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Control of roller bearings

galetsROVI-TECH was the coordinator as Prime R & D of a Craft project concerning the development of an integrated automated control system of cylindrical roller bearings of high quality.

Moreover, ROVI-TECH has developed the whole vision part of the machine.

The machine consists of:

  • material sorting by “Eddy current” which avoid mixing,
  • a control of quality by “Barkhousen” technique,
  • a control of dimensions of the roller bearings on the different following points:
    1. diameter and ovalisation (accuracy of micron),
    2. control of the length (accuracy of micron),
  • a control of aspect by vision of the all surfaces by 8 cameras with the associated lighting. The defects to detect are scratches, notches, impacts, pits, spots caused by oxidation,…

Range of products:

Dimensions: from 3,5 mm (diameter) x 5 mm (height) to 32 mm (diameter) x 32 mm (height).

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