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Conformity – Detection

This is one of the most common applications of the industrial vision but which can be simple or difficult.

When the customer needs only detect the presence/absence of parts, it is usually the part of “smart cameras”, activity which does not concern ROVI-TECH excepted if, on the same machine or on several machines, the images treatment can be rallied (8 cameras maximum) on the same ILB-25 master, in which case we are not only competitive but we provide also:

  • the centralisation of the results with less local tasks dispersed to manage in case of production changing,
  • the possibility to register the good and bad images,
  • the production’s statistics.

For the applications which demand more than a decision threshold on base of grey level analysis, the ILB-25N, thanks to its working concept on neural base, allows to treat complex situations by easy learning. The customer can be modify himself a vision configuration to face up to the technical evolutions of his production without necessarly to contact ROVI-TECH.

Example (non exhaustive) of complex application:
Detection of conformity of installing brackets on syringes

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